Shirodhara treatment in Gurgaon

Naturopathy is a form of health care that is a combination of modern with traditional ways. It is a way to heal and improve the state of body and mind using the force of Nature. Naturopathy and its therapies, principles, and practices are based on the belief that nature has a solution to every problem relating to the mind and body; it enhances the peace and immunity power of body and mind.

We, at Samsudhi, are among the Best Naturopathy Centre in Gurgaon, aim at providing the top-rated nature therapy services that help in preventing and treating multiple diseases and problems including obesity, diabetes, blood pressure problem, anxiety, thyroid problem, cardiac problem, and so on. Naturopathy not just covers massage therapy, acupressure, mud therapy, acupuncture, spinal bath but also Ayurvedic practices. 

Benefits of Shirodhara Therapy

The term Shirodhara comes from the two Sanskrit words “Shiro” means head and “Dhara” means flow. It is an Ayurvedic healing technique that involves having someone pours liquid such as herbal oils, milk infused with herbs, buttermilk infused with special herbs, and many more kinds of liquids, to be poured onto the forehead, and then massage is being provided. Shirodhara is the therapy that relaxes and soothes the body and mind; it has a very calm effect on the mental state of the body. 

  • Relieves Stress: One of the most important benefits that this Shirodhara therapy gives is that it reduces the high levels of mental stress. It brings the body into a deep state of relaxation, calmness, and peace of mind. This therapy holds a very high significance in alleviating stress from the body and mind. Hence, an individual can hold a healthy and stress-free mind. 
  • Enhances Sleep: Nowadays, Insomnia and sleeplessness is the most common problem that the majority of people are encountering; and are deprived of healthy sleep. Among various other Ayurvedic or naturopathy treatments, Shirodhara Treatment in Gurgaon has proven very effective in reducing stress levels and considerably helps in improving sleep quality. 
  • Diminishes Anxiety: Shirodhara Therapy is the treatment in which the herbal oil massage helps an individual let go of the toxins of the brain and enhances the cognitive abilities that are the sharp memory and concentration of the mind. As this therapy keeps the mind cool, it has proven to have the properties that would ultimately reduce anxiety. Hence, it acts as a natural stress booster. 
  • Awakens Intuition: During this therapy of Shirodhara, there is a rundown of the warm herbal oils on the forehead that brings with itself immense peace of mind and mental clarity. The point on the forehead, between the eyebrows, is considered to be the “Third Eye”. Various Hindu and Buddhist traditions believe that this third eye is considered to be the spiritual connection and the home of intuition, which is referred to as the sixth sense. Shirodhara Therapy opens up the energy channels and removes the unresolved pain, traumas, and emotional as well as unfavorable experiences.

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