Nasya is a treatment procedure used for cleansing. The name ‘nasya’ means nose. It is a process by which oil is put on through the nostrils. Nasya is a part of panchakarma and it helps in detoxifying the head region which includes eyes, nose , ears , throat , sinus and different types of headache. All the absurdities of the body that create pressure in the head are cleaned with the Nayasam Ayurveda Treatment.

What Makes Nasyam A Better Option?

Navana Nasyam – This therapy is used in vata-pitta or kapha-pitta problems. Medicated and herbal oils are poured through the nostrils of the person . A gentle massage has been done. This helps in treating Bell & palsy, tinnitus, hairfall, and headaches.

Avapeedna Nasyam – In this therapy 5-6 drops of herbal juice is put into every nasal cavity which helps the patient suffering from epilepsy, rhinitis and poisoning .

Marshya Nasya (Ghee Or Oil Nasya) – This therapy marshya nasya karma makes use of ghee/oil. The therapy is used for a particular reason, like uneasiness,a condition of uneasiness arising from some particular problems.

Pratimarshya (Daily Oil Nasya) – In Pratimarshaya little ghee is used with the help of fingers and inserted into nostril.After inserting the clean finger put into the nostril, the nasal passage is moisturized and a gentle massage is given. By doing this process, the deep nasal tissues are opened up. Doing pratimarshya on a daily basis, stress can be released easily.

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Advantages of Nasyam

  • It enhances the activity of sense organs and protects the person from diseases pertaining to head.
  • Nasyam treatment makes the whole body stronger and stronger than before.
  • Nasyam also helps to avoid premature aging.
  • Relieves chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion, throat diseases, voice constraints and cervical spondylosis.
  • Stimulates the nerves and brain functions in nerve related problems.