Acupressure is one of the oldest alternative medicine techniques and has its roots in China but now it is gaining prominence all over the world. Acupressure is also called pressure acupuncture as both of them (acupressure and acupuncture) work on nearly same principles. In fact, sometimes acupressure is called acupuncture without needles. There are qualified acupressure practitioners at Samshudhi Naturopathy and Yoga Center as we offer this treatment as a part of Panchakarma treatment in Gurgaon. In fact, whenever a person visits us for taking naturopathy treatment in Gurgaon, we make sure that he is made aware of acupressure treatment as well.

The Theory Of Acupressure

As per the traditional Chinese medical theory, there are some meridians or invisible channels on our body through which a vital energy that can also be called life force passes. The acupressure points are on these meridians and these 12 meridians connect specific organs of the body, resulting in setting up a communication system all over the body. As per the theory, each meridian starts from the tip of our fingers and goes to the brain. From there, it gets connected with another organ which is joined with another meridian. In this way, a network of different organs is formed or we can say that the organs are connected to each other.

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How Does Acupressure Work?

The theory says that when these meridians lose balance because of blockage or something else, a person falls ill. The acupressure practitioners apply pressure on the acupressure points on the meridians of the body using their fingers, elbows, feet and palms. Usually one hour is the maximum time limit of one acupressure session and how many sessions will be required depends on the condition of the patient and his illness.

In Which Conditions Acupressure Is Recommended?

Acupressure is recommended for those who want to get rid of anxiety, stress or depression problems. It is also good for those who suffer from headache, pain in muscles, motion sickness and menstrual problems It can be of a great help to those who are facing problems of nausea or vomiting after surgery/chemotherapy or during the period of pregnancy. People who are undergoing the naturopathy treatment in Gurgaon at Samshudhi Naturopathy and Yoga Center do give a thought of getting acupressure treatment as well, because the cost of Panchakarma treatment in Gurgaon is affordable and one thing that should always be remembered is that health  comes first and then everything else.

Advantages of Acupressure

  • Acupressure helps relieve tension from muscles by stimulating the action of nerves feeding the muscles.
  • Acupressure can be very effective in helping with nausea and vomiting after surgery or invasive medical procedures.
  • Acupressure has helped cancer patients by reducing cancer-related fatigue and nausea.
  • Acupressure can also be particularly helpful in treating and managing both acute and chronic pain.