“It’s the mud that heals”

Are you familiar with the magic of mud? Probably not.

Well to bring it to your notice, mud can do wonders and help us deal and get rid of many issues that medicine cannot cure. As we all know, our body is made up of 5 elements that are Air, Water, Soil, Fire and Space.

Soil is where we belong to

Soil is where we belong to, mud not only has the power to absorb but also dilute the toxins from the human body that might be affecting your skin or your organs internally. Samshudhi is a luxury Naturopathy center which provides the best Mud Therapy in Gurgaon. Mud is a richful element and have many properties like.

All the colors are transmitted in the body in sunlight by the black mud.

Mud has a good moisture retention power and is well fitted in places where a longer period of cold compression application is required.

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Mud Packs In Gurgaon

Application of Mud Pack

Mud pack is applied to heal the body parts that are causing pain. Mud pack is applied to the head of the patient to relieve the patient from congestive headaches. When applied to the face, these mud packs could be a real blessing. These mud packs are good to go if you are struggling to have an even tone or an oil-free skin.

Mud Pack For Face

Mud packs work like a charm if you are looking for an- even tone, oil-free skin. Mud is also an anti-inflammatory agent and can heal most of the skin disorders. Eyes are other organs that are greatly benefited by a facial mud pack. Conjunctivitis and hemorrhage in the eyeball can be treated with a facial mud pack. Glaucoma, a group of eye diseases which result in damage to the optic nerve and vision loss can also be kept under check with regular sessions of mud packs for the face. If you are suffering Glaucoma, do check out our mud therapy in Gurgaon for the best possible treatment without side effects.

Advantages Of Mud Packs Therapy

  • Mud absorbs and dilutes bad toxins from the body and that detoxifies your body naturally.
  • It heals the nervous problems like stress, sleep disorders, anxiety as well as sciatica and post-traumatic disorders.
  • Mud masks are powerful exfoliants that can remove dead skin cells and give healthier-looking skin.
  •  It detoxifies the skin impurities and makes your skin softer or fresher.
  • A cooling layer of mud around the eyes rejuvenates it and promotes good eye health.