Center Policies :

Thankyou for choosing Sanshudhi Wellness Retreat to benign your journey to Holistic well being.

We, hereby, take this opportunity to familiarise you with our wellness centre’s policies to ensure that all our guests are comfortable in the quest to improvise on their health and lifestyle.

  1. Patients below age of 18 years are not allowed to admit. They must accompany their parents or any attendant.
  2. No outside food is allowed or permitted in the premises.
  3. Medical Policy: Ladies are advised to plan their medical treatment avoiding dates close to their menstrual cycle as on major therapies can be given during that time.
  4. We strongly advise that Patients do not allowed to leave the ambience at all during their stay.
  5. In order to maintain the ambience and for our therapies to have lasting impact, non resident patients are not permitted to visit our patients in residence.
  6. Samshudhi does not offer cross gender massages.
  7. Samshudhi is strictly an alcohol and tobacco-free wellness centre. We do not permit the carrying or consumption of alcohol and tobacco products anywhere on the property, including rooms.
  8. Smoking or taking alcohol in room or any public area will warrant a housekeeping charge of Rs 3000.
  9. We do not serve tea, coffee and non-vegetarian foods at our restaurant and do not permit outside food at all on the property.
  10. Keeping in perspective your wellbeing objectives, all your meal plans, including refreshments shall be overseen by our resident Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians.
  11. Pets in the property are not allowed.
  12. All patients are expected to maintain discipline, obey all rules, not to argue with doctors / staff.
  13. Samshudhi does not offer any room service. All the patients are requested to visit “SaMbhoja”, our restaurant for all meals, refreshments and beverages.
  14. Patients should strictly follow all treatments and diet prescribed by the doctors. Disobedience in this regard will render them ineligible for treatment and readmission.
  15. Drugs or medicines of any system in your possession must be disclosed to our doctors on admission. Our doctors shall advise their continuance, tapering off or stopping, as appropriate.
  16. Patients are requested to restrict their cellphone, tablet and laptop usage to the privacy of their rooms. Use of cellphones is not permitted in treatment zones and public areas.
  17. Patients are requested to be mindful of the privacy of others on the property while taking pictures.
  18. Patients are requested to approach the concerned authority in case of any issues instead of creating any nuisance in the premises.
  19. Patients are advised to wear loose clothes in the premises that cover their body to maintain the decorum and feel comfortable.
  20. Bringing jewellery and valuables is strictly prohibited. During their stay at the institute, patients must look after their belongings themselves. Although safe deposit lockers have been provided, the institute does not take any responsibility for any loss.