Apart from specialized therapies, Samshudhi a luxurious naturopathy center in Gurgaon provides banana therapy, sun therapy, and wet sheet bath.

Sun Therapy

The main component of sun therapy is sunlight. Exposure to sunlight cures heart problems, fertility problems, cancer, fungal infection, cancer, and arthritis, etc. The human body demands a proportionate amount of exposure to the sun to get sufficient energy and warmth from the sun.

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Sun Therapy

Banana Bath

Banana bath is of huge benefit when it comes to weight loss. In this therapy, an individual is wrapped with a bundle of banana leaves and is then tied tightly with ropes for restricting air to enter. This treatment should be performed in the first half of the day when the sun rays are not too grating. Wet towels shall be placed on the head and beneath the individual after tying banana leaves. After that, the individual shall relax in the shed for a few minutes.

Wet Sheet Bath

Wet sheet bath therapy is exercised in sunlight in this an individual is wrapped with a wet sheet and a dry blanket to control the body temperature. The temperature of the body is controlled by taking three steps: cooling or evaporation, neutralization and the last one are sweating.

Samshudhi– A naturopathy center in Gurgaon provides banana and sun therapy with perfection. Come experience naturopathy and other therapies at samshudhi to feel the difference.

Advantages Of Other Therapies

  • if you take a banana bath frequently you can reduce your weight.
  • Exposure to the sun will regulate the natural rhythm of hormone production and you will be fresh and healthy.
  •  It will help you get rid of stress, insomnia and depression.