A hip bath relieves constipation, indigestion, obesity and helps the organs to function properly. It is also beneficial in uterine problems such as irregular menstruation, chronic uterine infections, pelvic inflammation, diarrhea and many more.

Experience The Hot And Cold Hip Bath From The Leading Naturopathy Center In Gurgaon

Are you in search of the best center for hydrotherapy treatment in Gurgaon? Come and experience the best treatment with the samshudhi. At samshudhi, we have a team of professional expertise for hot and cold hip bath therapy. Here we provide the best treatment according to the patient’s problem. If you are looking for a natural treatment for your health diseases, Samshudhi is a perfect destination for you.

What Is Hydrotherapy Treatment?

Hydrotherapy treatment uses water for treating different problems such as arthritis and rheumatic disorders. While you undergo hydrotherapy, you experience many different special exercises that prevent or treat you from chronic inflammatory conditions .

Hot And Cold Hip Bath In hot and cold hip bath therapy patients have to drink a glass of cold water before going for therapy. A cold compress is placed on the head then a person has to take the hot hip bath for 8-10 min. After this, the patient has to undergo a cold hip bath for 20 min. This hot and cold hip bath contrast helps the quick opening and closing of blood vessels near the area of your injury creates a pumping action that helps in decreasing swelling and inflammation around injuries. Decreasing the swelling and inflammation helps reduce pain and improve mobility.

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Hot And Cold Hip Bath

What Is The Process Of Hot And Cold Hip Bath?

You can claim a hot and cold hip bath as one of the most useful treatments of hydrotherapy. As the name of this form of hydrotherapy treatment itself says, the therapy involves your hip and abdominal region. In the hot and cold hip hydrotherapy treatment, a particular type of tub is used. The tub is filled with a suitable amount of water to cover your hips entirely and reach your navel point.

Generally, the hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of nearly four to six gallons of water. In this process, a unique bathtub has used that tub then filled with water. This therapy involves placing support on one edge. By putting support at one side, your hot and cold hip bath professional elevates it at a perfect height of around two to three inches. The hot and cold hip bath hydrotherapy treatment in Gurgaon is quite popular because of its numerous benefits. At samshudhi we provide best hydrotherapy treatment for relieving your pelvic viscera’s chronic inflammatory conditions.

Advantages Of Hot And Cold Hip Bath

  • Hot and cold hip bath contrast relieves gastric pressure and constipation.
  • The tub shape is constructed on an angle that relaxes your back and  hence reduces back pain.
  • Helps in relieving chronic, inflammatory conditions of the pelvic organs.
  • The water is contrasted with a temperature that activates the kidney and other genitourinary organs.
  • People with problems in lower parts of the body, this bath will cure it soon.