Shirodhara, It is one of the primeval therapy of Ayurveda. Shiro means head and Dhara means flow in Sanskrit, Shirodhara is a therapy in which liquid is poured on the forehead of the inmate to help him/her to get rid of ailment, stress, and anxiety.

Process Of Treatment

In the Shirodhara treatment, the inmate is laid on his/her back and liquids are cascaded on his/her forehead using the Shirodhara apparatus and techniques. The liquid which is used in the treatment an differ with respect to the syndrome which is being healed. Samshudhi- naturopathy, yoga, and wellness center is well-equipped with the essential elements which are being used in the concerned treatment.

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Diseases Cured By Shirodhara

Shirodhara is self-sufficient for healing a bunch of diseases for instance insomnia, graying hair, memory loss, eye problems, hearing problems, migraine, vertigo, neurological problems, tinnitus. Shirodhara therapy has also given fruitful results in curing skin diseases and psoriasis. Shirodhara is one of the economical therapies. We at Samshudhi – A naturopathy, yoga and wellness center in Gurgaon provide quality Shirodhara therapy at economical rates.

Advantages Of Shirodhara

  • Stabilizes the nervous system and stimulates production of endorphins, serotonin, and positive brain neurotransmitters.
  • Strengthens the head area, eliminates imbalances in the neck, eyes, ears, and nose. This helps alleviate chronic headaches, migraines, sinusitis, eye diseases, high blood pressure, allergies, and tinnitus.
  • Balances hormones by activati-Herbal g the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and hypothalamus. This helps promote fertility and virility and aides in regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Replenishes and rejuvenates the skin  by balancing skin oils, reducing lines and wrinkles by relaxing the  facial muscles which enhances youthfulness.