Hip Baths For The Appropriate Functioning Of The Abdominal System

Hip baths are widely used in naturopathy for solving problems of the abdominal system such as the excretory system and the reproductive system. Hip bath is one of the most useful forms of hydrotherapy. A particular type of tub is used for this purpose. The tub is filled with water in such a way that it covers the hips and reaches up to the navel when the person sits in it. There are different types of hip baths as per need the problems. We have all different types such as cold hip bath, hot hip bath and neutral hip bath is part of our hydrotherapy treatment in Gurgaon.

Cold Hip Bath

Water temperature: The water temperature mainly lies between 20 degrees to 25 degrees celsius. Duration: One minute to 30 minutes depending on the problem. Process: The patient is made to sit inside the bathtub filled with cold water and after that have to massage/rub the abdomen from navel to downwards across all the body with rough wet cloth. The patient also has to warm the body after the cold bath with help of different yoga asanas.

  • It softens the excretory and digestive organs and relieves constipation, indigestion
  • It is very helpful in uterine problems such as irregular menstruation, chronic uterine infections, piles, hepatic congestion, and chronic congestion of the prostate gland, seminal weakness and hemorrhage of the bladder.

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Hip Baths

Hot Hip Bath

Water temperature: The water temperature mainly lies between 40 degrees to 45 degrees celsius. Duration: Mainly 8 to 10 minutes. Process: Before entering the process, the patient should drink one glass of cold water and a cold compress is placed on the head. No rubbing should be done to the abdomen during the bath. A cold shower bath should be taken instantly after the therapy. In women, a hot hip bath gives relieves to painful menstruation, neuralgia of the ovaries and the bladder. It also relaxes organs from painful urination, and painful piles.

Neutral Hip Bath

Water temperature: 32 degrees C to 36 degrees C . Duration: 20 minutes to an hour. The neutral hip bath helps to relieve acute and sub-acute inflammatory of the bladder and uterus. It relieves neuralgia of the fallopian tubes or testicles and painful spasms of the vagina. If you are looking for Naturopathies in Gurgaon, do visit our Samshudhi center to get professional, world-class treatment.

Advantages Of Hip Bath

  • Relieves pain, swelling or irritation in the perineum.
  • Hip bath is very useful for anal problems like hemorrhoids, infection, constipation.
  • It cleanses the area around the anus and the genitals.
  • Hip baths can help to regulate your menstrual cycle and relieve symptoms of painful menstrual cramps.
  • It  treats problems of digestion, bowel, kidney, bladder, and menstrual disorders.