Soothe The Itchiness And Pain Around Your Genitals With Sitz Bath Hydrotherapy

Sitz bath is an immersion bath with the patient seated in a tub with water covering the hips, buttocks and lower abdomen. It is strong in its ability to affect the lower abdominal and pelvic organs.Sitz baths are very effective in vaginal infections, chronic urinary tract infections, pelvic congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease, hemorrhoids, fissures, prostatitis, constipation, postpartum, improving neuralgias and insomnia.

Sitz bath from samshudhi is a trending hydrotherapy treatment in Gurgaon. In this traditional therapy, a warm and shallow bath is filled with therapeutic oil infused warm water. Generally, the water is about 94° to 98° Fahrenheit. The patient’s bottom parts are lowered into the bath as a part of the therapy to soothe the private parts from inflammation, pain and itchiness. These therapies are 100% natural and safe and have no harmful side-effects.

Why Should You Choose The Sitz Bath Therapy?

The sitz bath therapy boosts the blood flow to the perineal areas and so if you have had any recent surgery around your private parts then it helps you to cure surgical wounds to heal faster and calms down the pain.

Sitz bath soothes the bottom parts when you have hemorrhoids or anal fissures issues.

They are also great therapies to soothe the private parts problems of women who have just delivered babies and for those suffering from a yeast infection in their private parts.

In men, the sitz bath therapy relieves pain, infection and discomfort in prostate and testicles.

Sitz Bath In Gurgaon

How Long Does The Sitz Bath Therapy Take?

One session of Sitz Bath takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Sitz bath is not time taking and it’s a solution for the core problem of men and women that they are facing in their private body parts. The sitz bath hydrotherapy treatment in Gurgaon is a part of personal hygiene maintenance. However, if you are suffering from discomfort, pain, soreness or itchiness in your genitals, the sitz therapy is just for you! While there are so many naturopathies in Gurgaon, we at Samshudhi, have a team of certified therapists who understand and analyze your body types, your past medical history and suggest treatments that are beneficial for you. Although all our therapies use 100% natural products, some people might be allergic to some herbs and oils. Hence, we understand your body well before suggesting a solution. The sitz therapy is carried out under extremely hygienic conditions with great care. Get in touch with us to know more about our wide range of therapies for a healthier living.

Advantages Of Mud Packs Therapy

  • Sitz bath can reduce inflammation, improve hygiene and promote blood flow to the anogenital area in the body.
  • It helps many women in recovery from the major surgery on the vulva or vagina.
  • A sitz bath is very effective for women, it provides comfort or healing after childbirth.
  • It helps in curing constipation or diarrhea.
  • Sitz bath reduces itching, irritation and pain occurs during menstrual cycle.