Abhyanga is also known as Abiyangam and is one of the most ancient healing processes for body ailments. You can refer Abhyanga as an ayurvedic healing therapy with the beneficiary effects of massage. The Abhyanga massage therapy needs not to be confused with the conventional form of massage which involves countless health benefits.
Samshudhi Naturopathy and Yoga Center is one of the reckoned places to undergo a Panchakarma treatment in Gurgaon. The most exclusive thing about the Samshudhi Naturopathy Center in Gurgaon is its affordable cost of panchakarma treatment in Gurgaon. You do not need to worry about your expense while you seek professional Abhyangam from the Samshudhi Naturopathy professional expertise.

What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Panchakarma Treatment In Delhi?

The Abhyangam is loaded with oodles of benefits. Here are some of the unique benefits of Abhyangam, so that you do not need to worry about your expense.

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Abhyangam-Medicated Oil Massage


  • The Abhyangam treatment or the therapy of medicated oil massage imparts softness, strength and a defined tone to your body.
  • It further assists in decreasing the signs of aging and helps your skin to stay younger, hydrated and energetic.
  • It improvises your eyesight and in turn your vision.
  • This medicated oil massage or Abhyangam helps in nourishing your body to increase your survival longevity.
  • Abhyangam or the medicated oil treatment is reckoned as one of the best Panchakarma treatment in Gurgaon as it provides beneficial effects to your skin and helps in benefitting your skin patterns.
  • The medicated oil treatment assists in strengthening your body ’s tolerance levels to fight against the invasion of diseases and protects you.
  • This ancient healing therapy is known to impart firmness to both of your limbs as well give a perfect tone and vigour to the tissues of your body.
  • It helps in stimulating the process of blood circulation and aids in effectuating the functioning of your vital internal organs.
  • With the highly affordable cost of panchakarma treatment in Gurgaon  from India’s leading naturopathy center, heal your body naturally to cure all of your body disorders.

Advantages Of Abhyangam-Medicated Oil Massage

  • Presence of Vitamin E and other nutrients in massaging oil, it nourishes the skin and thereby renders anti-ageing properties.
  • The touch therapy of Abhyanga induces our hormones to get balanced.
  • It unleashes the ability of the body to promote self healing.
  • Improves the vision, life and chakras.
  • Detoxifies the body and renders excellent rejuvenation.